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The Maids by  Jean Genet at The Artistic Home

AH_TheMaids_24x36[web] (1)

I am currently understudying the role of Madame in the play The Maids at The Artistic Home this summer. I joined a couple weeks into rehearsals, but so far I have to say that the show looks amazing. I’m learning a lot and I am really enjoying being a part of the process. I’m currently don’t know if I will actually go on, but I will be sure to keep everyone updated if I do.

You can get tickets here:



The Night We Met by Lord Huron*

This is a personal project I worked on with one of my best friends, Mehmet Aksoy and my charming husband, Tyler Russell. Below are just a couple pictures from behind the scenes, but the full project will soon be posted! Stay tuned to check it out!


*I do not in any way own any of the rights associate with the song “The Night We Met” by Lord Huron. This was a personal project aimed at trying to produce a music video and how this genre of film differs from other mediums.