Past Projects

Double Duty: An Improv Company

Double Duty is an improv comedy club I founded this past year with the support of the Interdisciplinary Student Project Artistry and Research (ISPAR) Grant from the College of Visual and Performing Arts. We work with improv jazz musicians to collaborate and create a musical improv comedy show.

In the fall semester, I created the company and we worked with Dina Facklis of the Chicago Improv Den to learn more about improv, culminating in performances at the end of the semester.

In the spring, I applied to turn our company into a student organization, and we were able to perform at Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day(URAD)! We are already in talks with URAD on how to work in more of a performance next year. The company also attended an improv festival hosted by ISU’s Improv Mafia. There we participated in workshops held by companies from Chicago, as well as got the chance to network and watch performances.

Our next performance were held at the Northern Illinois University Founders Memorial at the end of the spring semester. Next year, Halle Hoffman and Justin Cahill, two former members will be continuing the project, so check out the facebook page (linked below) to stay up to date on all performances and workshops from them!

Below are pictures from our past performances this last year, as well as our participation in Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day and the ISU Improv Mafia Improv Fest.

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“Healer” Written by Kendra Holton, Matt Romriell, Leah Harvey, Jordan Vulich

“Healer” is a short film about a witch who orders some take out only to be confronted by a mysterious stranger. We worked with the NIU Coms department to create this project.  Below are some production photos, as well as the full video.



Senior BFA Class of 2018 Industry Showcase

My classmates and I just completed our industry showcase. It was made up of a variety of scenes that illustrate our talent as well as musical acts and film reels. We did have the opportunity to record it, and the video of the evening performance will be posted soon.

Thank you to everyone who made the time to come out and see us!!



Our Town, Northern Illinois University (November 2017)

In this production, I played Emily Webb, the young protagonist who learns how important it is to appreciate each and every moment of our lives. This served as my senior thesis role, and was truly a pivotal moment in my artistry. Director Bethany Mangum (founder and co-artistic director of Muse Theatre Collective) led this production to be a stunning, earnest interpretation of Thornton Wilder’s most famous work. I am truly thankful to have been able to share in this story.

Production photos to come soon.



Romeo and Juliet, Northern Illinois University (February 2017)

Photographer: Brandon Wardell



Scenes from Uncle Vanya, Moscow Art Theatre School-Studio (MXAT) (December 2016)

This production was a showcase of scenes selected from Uncle Vanya, interspersed with devised work we had completed over the semester.


KAPUSTNIK, Moscow Art Theatre School-Studio (MXAT) (December 2016)

Kapustnik is a showcase of all the students currently at the MXAT Studio. Because I was there as a study abroad student, I collaborated with the rest of the Americans there to participate in the showcase.