The End is only the Beginning

For those of you following the blog, I’m assuming that you have been waiting for this post. Graduation day is approaching, finals are finishing, and I am about to embark into the next chapter of my life. This will be the first time I can remember not being a part of academia, and honestly it’s a bit terrifying. To add to this, not only am I graduating this weekend, but my fiance, Tyler, and I will be signing our marriage license Friday to officially be married (he has joined the army, and so we need to be married before he ships out on the 22nd). Nothing like knocking out two major life events in one weekend, right?

Currently, my post graduate plans are to stay in the Chicago area and pursue acting while working a day job. I have a slew of auditions lined up for this summer and into the fall, and have been submitting to a lot of projects. I’m hoping to book a couple for this upcoming year, between theatre productions, commercials or film projects.

In addition to this, I’m planning on taking an On Camera Acting class over the summer to gain more experience. Film is a medium that I am becoming more and more passionate about, and I want to learn as much as I can about it.

Thanks again for stopping by my website. Feel free to send me a message or check out my gallery to see some of my past work!

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